Health & Fitness for Busy People

Guys, meet Shivani. She is a Team Leader for a content writing team. Shivani gets up every morning, gets ready for work, reaches her office in time, works efficiently, and comes back home tired. Shivani currently feels she is putting on a bit and weighs on the heavier side. What she doesn’t believe is that her sedentary lifestyle is presently making her obese day by day. 

Now it’s not hard to understand that busy people with 9-5 jobs find it pretty difficult to make time for working out and exercising. You can, however, maintain a healthy lifestyle and be fit if you take care of some things. They are:

Eat Healthily

Oh yes, now you may have heard it from everyone, but it’s the truth guys, eat healthily. Mostly, eat your greens. You must be aware of what you put into your mouth. Eat every 2 hours, in small portions. If you’re at work, you can find some protein bars like Snickers and Twix to munch upon. Try making yummy snacks like frozen overnight oats or mixed-berry smoothies. I would suggest you avoid dieting but eat protein-packed food.


Now, I so wish I could exclude this section from the list, but alas, no pain no gain! However, I am not asking you to work out to get a shredded body. Just exercise enough to keep your body moving. There are many YouTube channels where you can find 10-minute exercises to burn your fats. You can take a look at the following channels:

  • Chloe Ting
  • The Fitness Marshall
  • NateBowerFitness
  • Roberta’s Gym
  • Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home

Your phone can be your best friend!

If you tend to talk on the phone for a long time, it may prove useful to you. Just walk it while you talk it! Walking briskly for 10 minutes can burn up to 50 calories. Imagine burning your calories while being on call with your beau! Now, this surely is a love-ly way to be fit, don’t you think?

Get a pet!

Walk your pet, play with it, train it, run with it! Getting a pet will surely help you burn your calories. Not just that, but your pet will make you laugh and relax too. Well, studies assert that relaxing after a stressful day at work will make you feel, if not physically, but mentally healthy and at peace. 

If anyone of you reading this starts practicing at least any one of the things given above, you can stay on the fitter side of the health scale. See you on the other side guys!

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